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Wedding Wednesday: The Dress

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
I found my wedding dress!

Sorry, but I'm keeping it a secret from Simeon, which means no posting pictures on this blog yet. But I can tell you bits and peices of the story. The parts that don't give away the actual look of the dress that is.

David's Bridal is so easy to set up an appointment for!
I was surprised that I could set up an appointment for my local store, online at the national site. They confirm the appointment through emails and ask you to favorite some of the dresses so that the people working with you can get an idea of what you would like as a dress.

FYI, don't print it off like the site tells you to. They print it off for you and it is included in your little packet of things that they have with them while they are looking at dresses with you. It's just a waste of paper that you don't really do anything with. Only do it if you want to make special notes.

Though, even just favoring a few dresses doesn't mean they will be the dresses that you try on. I was just taken through the store and able to go around pulling my own dresses to try on.

One thing you can know. My sister pulled my dress.
I wasn't sure about it.
Put it on and I was only 98% sold.

Its amazing what adding one little thing and a veil can do to a dress.
It went from missing something to completely perfect in a minute.

Another thing I thought was awesome about David's Bridal, they let me walk around in the dress for like and hour and a half.

"The" dress was only the 3rd one I tried on. I couldn't be convinced to try on more dresses, so we decided to look at bridesmaids dresses while we were there as well.

And I was allowed to just walk around the store looking at dresses in my dress.
No big deal.

All in all, it was a great experience.

Then then next day come.
I started wondering if Simeon is actually going to like my dress or not.
A ton of people tell me its gorgeous but that doesn't mean that I'm not nervous.

Does every bride go through these second thoughts about their dress? It's a really big commitment in this whole wedding shin dig.
I'm worried I didn't make the right choice and that I should have tried on more dresses. Maybe I should have tried on cheaper dresses. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped after only 3 dresses.

I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.
But I'm still a little worried.

Maybe I just need to have the dress back on.
Well, I guess we will see in two weeks when I go to officially order the dress. :)