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Things That Cause Bridezilla Moments

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments

So, I am not a complete bridezilla. Yes there are things that I want a particular way, but what girl doesn't want the wedding that she has been dreaming about since she was a little girl right?
And even when you don't mean to be a Bridezilla, sometimes people just do things that make it happen.

. . . like show up to a 1 PM meeting at 1:30 when the Bride has class at 2.
. . . Or line jump the bride that has patiently been waiting for her meeting when they showed up on a whim.
. . . tell a bride that she can't have that.
. . . bombard her with specific questions about details of the wedding when she has only been engaged a week.
. . . invite yourself to her small personal wedding when she barely knows you.
. . . tell a bride that she needs over a year to plan a wedding when she wants to get married 9 months from when she got engaged.
. . . make it sound like you are going to completely disregard the colors that she wants for things. I dare you.
. . . not talk to other brides in your general family that are getting married around the same time. It will cause a lot of frustration when you have the same ideas and when you aren't doing something that someone else thinks you are doing that is the same as what the other bride wants.
. . . when people aren't supportive and all "Why would you want to get married in College? How do you know he's the one for you to marry if you haven't dated a million other guys yet?"

Well. That's it.