You and Me & Chasing Little G

Lesson Learned

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment

I'm a people pleaser.
I like to keep all parties in a situation happy and content when I am around them.
If they are upset, I give them a hug, offer chocolate, and listen to the issue.
If it looks like someone is about to get upset, I make jokes, try to fix the situation, and so on.

But sometimes when you get so worried about trying to please everyone else, you end up not getting what you wanted, or something that even remotely looks like something you would want to happen.

Sometimes you have to tell people no.
Sometimes you have to make that giant bowl of chocolate for you.
Sometimes you need someone to give you the hug and try to fix it for you.

There are times to fight for what you really want.
And times to let go.
Things that are truly important.
And things that no one is going to remember in 20 years anyway.
Except for that little girl and her mama.
And you of course.

Oy. Wedding Planning.