You and Me & Chasing Little G

I'm Engaged.

Sabra GilbertComment
Written August 17th.

It's so weird to say sometimes.
It's real.
I have a ring on my finger.
He asked me in the most wonderful way.
I said yes.
Now I have a glittery binder full of wedding printables waiting to be filled.
I have 9 months until my wedding.
It's no longer a fantasy game.
This is the real deal.
In 9 months and just a few days, this guy sitting beside me in a fedora and watching League of Legends will be my husband.

I'm THE luckiest girl ever.

At the moment, it all still seems so far away. 
I haven't even started my Junior year of college, but a week or so after it ends, I'll be married.
I still have to go through endless amounts of tests, quizzes, and papers, just to be a little closer.
There will be Lifelight, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every other little holiday still coming.
I know I will enjoy this season of being engaged,

But I can't wait to marry this boy.