You and Me & Chasing Little G

I Don't Remember

Sabra GilbertComment
You know what I find crazy?
I don't know what the very first time that I ever saw Simeon was.
I feel like I should remember the very first time I laid eyes on my future husband. When I was first introduced to the boy that would later become my best friend, my boyfriend, and now my future husband. Shouldn't that be some shining moment like in all the books or wonderful romance movies?

The first moment that I remember that involves Simeon begins in my sophomore year of high school. When I actually had a giant crush on his best friend. . .and now best man, Trent. My first memory of Simeon is him being the boy with the blanket at a band competition on a freezing night and him wanting to see how many girls he could get under that blanket. I got a foot under and that counted. I don't think I even knew his name at that time.

My next memory is the one where I'm pretty sure I finally learned Simeon's name. It was homecoming day and he was dressed in an old sequined colorguard uniform. Wearing his brown tennis shoes. I threw a fit saying that the shoes did not match the outfit and he needed to change... into my black flats of course. While at first we weren't sure that they would fit, we then found out that day that he and I have the exact same size feet and hands. A match made in Heaven right? 


Oh don't we look so young? This had to be Sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL! So long ago!

I wish I could show pictures of these things, but sadly I don't even have any pictures with the man of my dreams until the Febuary after we started hanging out in a group. Didn't even know him very well yet still, but we were in the same group.

While I don't remember the first things that I thought about him, I was able to look back on Facebook and find the first thing that I tagged him as in those silly group tag pictures.
He was a geek.
Though I know better now, he is My Nerd.

I look back at pictures at that time and wow, we look so young. Whoever would have known that that shaggy haired, super flirty, obnoxious, big-word-using band nerd would be the love of my life?