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Things I Learned in College: Emma's View

Sabra GilbertComment
Hello All! I’m Emma from the “World According to Emma”. On my blog you will find stories from my life as a college student, reviews on television shows and movies and my love for Big Brother.
I am so grateful to Sabra for letting me participate in her “Things I’ve Learned in College” series.  In a couple of days I will be starting my sophomore year of college. I’m excited to go back to school and thought I’d share the top ten things I learned during my freshmen year (in no particular order).

1: The Freshmen 15 really does exist
I’m pretty sure every person who starts college believes that the Freshmen 15 won’t happen to them. At least I thought it wouldn’t happen to me but unfortunately it does.  If you live on campus you’ll be eating at the dinning hall (all processed food) and if you go to a school like mine there will be a Dunkin Donuts on campus. I gained the freshmen weight and now spent my summer trying lose it. My biggest piece of advice is work out and try to eat healthy BUT don’t obsess over it, everyone’s going through it.

2: Some people have bad roommate experience but if you’re lucky your roommate might just become one of your best friends

I went into college thinking that when it came to roommates I wanted some I could co-exist with. Instead I ended up with Hannah and we cliqued instantly! I’m pretty sure that if I met Hannah around campus I would probably still be friends with her. I know that I lucked out and that not everybody gets such a great roommate. My biggest advice when it comes to roommates is make sure that you talk about boundaries early on so that you and your roommate are comfortable living together and if you really can’t stand living with them talk to RA or hall director.

3: Sometimes the place you belong is right in front of your eyes

The Beginning of my freshmen year I joined a Future Teacher’s Club on campus. I wasn’t hundred percent sure how involved I wanted to be in the club. Instead I found some great friends, found a club where I belong and am happy. I’m even the new club secretary for next year!

4: You might meet your best friend in the most interesting ways

My friend Mandi and I met one day through mutual friends of ours at lunch. We were talking about people we knew and I asked if she knew this guy. It turns out that the guy I was asking about was her ex-boyfriend. If you think that’s awkward, it gets worse, I tried to assure her that he had mentioned her by describing the one girlfriend he mentioned and it was her! Now, we’re best friends and laugh hysterically whenever we think about the day we met.

5: Get involved

 Join at least one club because you’ll make great friends and have cool experiences. For example the picture above is from Project Beautification where my future teacher’s club went and did cleaned up an elementary school and planted gardens.

6: Go to campus events, you never know who you’ll meet.

On Hannah’s birthday we went to a comedy show that the campus hosted. The headliner was Chris D’Elia from the NBC show Whitney. After the show we got to meet the comedians, so me and my friends go picture with Chris D’Elia and I can officially say I met celebrity!

7: Never subtweet about anyone

This story is pretty embarrassing for me. Let’s just say that my next door neighbor was REALLY loud and slammed her doors a lot! All my friends back home tweeting about people so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Well my neighbor found and confronted me about. She seemed so hurt and I regretted it almost instantly and feel guilty to this day.

8: It’s okay to skip class every once in a while.

You really should go to every class, you might miss something important and you can’t rely on anyone else but yourself to take good notes. But I understand that sometimes you need a day to sleep in or you have a huge test later in the day, and in those cases it might be okay to skip a class but make sure that it is one that you can skip and that you won’t be overwhelmed with when you don’t go.

9: Find a Place That Works For You to Study

After a semester I learned that I CAN NOT for the life of me study in my room, I get distracted by my stuff and my roommate, so instead I started studying in my floor’s common dorm or my building’s lobby. There was enough distraction that I wasn’t going insane like I did in the library but I could still focus.

10: Focus on yourself, before trying to find significant other

A lot of people go to college single. There are tons of people in college that you can date. But make sure before you jump into a relationship with someone at college you are comfortable with yourself and your new lifestyle (college is a whole new lifestyle) before you start dating. That way when you meet someone you can be happy and enjoy yourself.

I hope the things that I learned in college helped or entertained you in  some way. If you’re reading this and you’re about ready to start your freshman year I wish you luck!