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IrishFest Part 1| Road Trip & Scynthian

Sabra GilbertComment
I'm not Irish. I'm going to get that out right away. BUT I LOVE IRISHFEST!

It's in Iowa and is completely amazing! 3 whole days of bagpipes, kilts, and for the over 21 crowd, A LOT of beer.

Started off Friday with a 4.5 hour car ride with two of my favorite boys! Of course, Simeon took control of the music while in the front seat and I had to listen to some terrible boy music for a while. But then I took over the ipod and made everything better.

First meal of the weekend. On the top of the parking garage overlooking the festival!

 If you are sketchy about Irish music, look up Scythian! I am in love with their song Hey Mama Ya. They are wonderful!

This was our third year going and trust me, I have a million more pictures for you guys!