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[Guest Post] 5 Things I Don't Love About Junior College

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Hi everyone! My name is Elise, and I blog on the regular over at Books, Bottles, and Bags. I’m a full-time toddler nanny and part-time college student. Today I’m going to represent all the Junior College students out there are share the five things I DON’T love about attending a JC.

 1. I have to drive home. It seems so lame, but the last thing I want to do after working ten hours then sitting in class for 3.5 hours and getting out after 10p is drive home. I don’t live that far, but it still sucks.

2. School offices are closed by the time I get off work. It’s not normally an issue, but earlier this summer I had to turn in financial aid papers. The office closed at 6p and was closed on Friday, my day off. I was caring two babies that day, who were 11mo and 2mo, at the time. Do you see where I’m going with this? Every time I have to turn in papers at school, I have to go during work hours and take a baby with me.

3. My school is not the least bit accommodating to working students. You’d think that because it’s a JC and the majority of the students work at least part time, they’d be more willing to help those of us who work and miss, or are late to something because of work. Over the summer I had to attend an academic probation workshop and I was late because my boss was late getting home. I obviously couldn’t leave until she got there to care for The Dude. When I got to the school I was told that I wouldn’t be allowed into the workshop because I was tardy.

4. There’s no cafeteria. Okay, I don’t really know for sure, but I swear there isn’t. I haven’t found it yet, if there is. Vending machines are my BFF. 

5. Slacker students. You know them, those ones that are in your group for a project and don’t contribute but get the same grade as you because the entire group is supposed to work together, therefore everyone in the group gets the same grade. Those are the people I want to figuratively throat punch.

What are your least favorite things about your college? I’d love to know. After you’re done here, feel free to head over to my blog and say hello!


Oh, such wonderful girls who are willing to take over my blog in busy times!
I've been running around finding my new classes, convincing girls that NAVS is super wonderful and the only campus ministry for them (not hard because it is soo great!), and attending random wedding related appointments mixed in.

Oh, the life of a college student!