You and Me & Chasing Little G

What It Means To Me

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments
So today's topic may get a little deep. Here is your warning.

Somethings been bothering me lately. 

I am a Christian. But I don't think a lot of people in this world actually understand what that means. Otherwise, we wouldn't be called us hypocrites and people wouldn't gasp when we accidentally let a cuss word slip.

Everyone, including myself just 3 short years ago, believes that to be Christian, you have to be perfect. That you are a goody-two-shoes and completely pure.

If there is actually a Christian who says that they are completely perfect and sinless, they are feeding you a giant load of bull crap.

Being a Christian is the complete opposite of being sinless, pure, and perfect. It's being broken, stained, horrid, hypocritical, constantly slipping up, living below the standards that God gives us, sinFUL, prideful, and just about anything else that God hates. Just like any other person who isn't a Christian.

The only difference is that we have had a moment in our lives where it became painfully obvious that we couldn't make it through these lives, or any eternal life afterword, without a wonderful, sinless SAVIOR. A savior who lived a perfect life and gave himself up on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for me and you. It doesn't even matter if you are a Christian, Jesus already sacrificed Himself for you and is just waiting for you to take a hold of the gift that he has laid out in front of you.

Becoming a Christian doesn't mean that you will be perfect right away. 

We strive a little harder with the help of the Holy Spirit to live more faith based and strive towards being as sinless as God sees us in His eyes through Jesus.

We will never attain that goal by ourselves. The only reason we can ever even do anything right is solely because the Holy Spirit is within us pushing our hearts away from their sinful nature and pushing them in the right direction.

I still have to put up a fight with sin each and every day.
But I know that no matter what ends up winning, I still am sinless in front of my Lord.
I repent.
I confess.
And then I must heal myself.

Sometimes, I feel like this is the largest misconception of the church. People expect Christians to live completely perfect lives. If we could do that, then why would we have needed a Savior?

If it was that easy to just flip a switch inside us and then become perfect, don't you think that we would?

I'm not here to whine about the misconceptions of the Church. I just want to hopefully help spread a little more knowledge of what it really means to me to be a Christian.

Stained, but being washed clean by my Lord.
Striving to become more like Him each and every day.
I fall. I stumble. I fail.
But for some strange reason, God has chosen to love me even with all of my weaknesses.
He picks me up. He steadies me. He points out my problems so I do not fail again.
He gives me wonderful friends and family to help me on my path.
And He gives me His unconditional, undying, unchanging love.

That's what it means to be a Christian to me.