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Things I Learned in College: Lizzy Lays it All Out

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Hi Sabra's Readers! My name is Lizzy, and I blog at Lizzy's Luggage. I'm a 19-going-on-2 year old who dreams of visiting London and making a change during her life! At my blog you can find various posts about beauty, fashion, life, college, and Oreos (obsessed). My life goal is to inspire and change people, and I hope you'll catch that vibe if you visit me.

Sabra asked me to help her out with the "Things I Learned In College" series, and I thought this would be great for my first ever guest post! So let's get to learning...

1. It's okay to need help (Personal and Career-wise)

I've talked a lot about my experience with having to meet with a personal counselor on campus in my posts. As most of my regular readers know; my blog is a product of those meetings. To be honest, it absolutely sucked to have to admit that I needed additional help, but I am so happy that I took the initiative. Don't be afraid to meet with someone if you think that you can't handle the stress.

Also, if you're like most college students; you won't have your future career completely figured out when you get to school. It's a really big decision to make, so meeting with a career counselor is a great idea to learn about careers you've never even knew of! Along with that, they've got amazing tools (online tests/programs) that use your skills, hobbies, and likes to give you career options.

2. It's encouraged to try new things


When you move from high school to college, you're more than likely going to experience a ton of new things.  Trying these new things can initially be really scary, but you may surprise yourself and find something you absolutely love!  Don't worry, you don't have to go all out and get a piercing or a tattoo, but expanding your boundaries is never a bad thing.  My rebelling consisted of dying a strip of my hair pink.  I've now fallen in love with it and plan to get my tips done next!  The next picture (blue shirts) is of myself and my fellow Student Affairs Senator.  In high school I was never voted into ANYTHING until I finally just gave up and quit trying.  I took the initiative at college and was elected as my dorm's representative.  I was scared to represent such a large group of people, but I really enjoyed it and plan to run next year!  The first picture in the second row is of a couple friends and I before we went to a Toga Party.  I'd never been much of a party-goer, and it took a lot of begging to get me to go.  Even though I didn't enjoy myself a whole lot, I was still happy that I tried it.  And finally, we have the picture of me skiing.  Over spring break I went with one of my BEST FRIENDS to Wyoming.  I was scared out of my mind, but I had a lot of fun!!!

3.  Photobooth brings people together

Don't worry, I made friends without the use of this, but for some reason taking a million silly-effect pictures can move a person from acquaintance to friend in a couple snapshots. Whenever we needed a study break or were just plain bored, this app always seemed to entertain us, and it always left us in giggles.

4. The people you meet will be your life-long friends

I used to always think that I'd stay close with my high school friends through everything. As of now, I only really talk to about 4 regularly. It's not like I hate them or anything, but the sad truth is that we went our separate ways and neither of us made an effort to stay in contact. At school, I've met a whole group of people who have a lot in common with me, and who aren't just hanging out with me because we 'grew up together'.

5. You're never too old for a blanket fort

Let's get one thing straight: college can be very stressful. With homework, finals, extra-curriculars, and part-time jobs; you can get worn-thin easily. Sometimes, you just need to take a break and do something crazy. My 'crazy somethings' have consisted of: leaving a 3 page paper and browsing Barnes and Noble for an hour and a half, taking a Taco Bell/McDonald's run at 12 a.m., and building a spontaneous blanket fort that stayed up for most of the year. Doing something fun and spontaneous can sometimes be exactly what you need to de-stress yourself.

Obviously I've learned a lot more while at school, like: how to increase dialogue, what makes up the British government, and how to conjugate in the preterite form. I could honestly go on forever with more things I've learned, but I don't think Sabra wants me to completely take over her home page.


Thanks Lizzy! I wish I had thought to build a blanket fort in my dorm rooms! Oh well, I'll just have to talk my apartment roommates into it now. :)

Then we can eat Mighty Kids Meals in caps and play with our minion toys. . . oh wait, we did that last night. :)