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Things I Learned in College: Distance Relationships I

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments

So this topic is going to be split in two since I have two different opinions on it.
That it isn't that bad.
and that it really sucks at the same time.

For part one, I'm going to begin with how it was awesome. :)

1| You have to be crazy creative for dates.
Yes, Simeon and I still had dates when we were 4 hours apart. It could be something as easy as a scheduled super long phone call, or as complicated as timing a TV show/Netflix exactly right on two different laptops. Distance puts the focus on anything, but the physical part of any relationship. There was no cuddling during movies, so instead we discussed them the whole time instead. There was no constantly being together, so instead there were long talks about our day and other deeper things instead.

2| You get to skype.
This was my favorite because I would take pictures of Simeon when he wasn't paying attention. Which is a lot of fun. :)

Isn't he adorable? :)

Back off ladies! He's all mine :)

3| Even though we have dated since high school, we got to grow as people separately, and not just into one lump of a person.

Totally made this in high school. I could probably find more pictures now to go with it!
4| We learned to value our time together so much more.
When you only get a few days or a few hours with a person at a time, you start to completely adore this time and want to spend every single second together, instead of growing tired of one another. While we now get to see each other daily, I still like to be able to sneak a moment with him when I'm at work and he is getting out of class, just to say hi. Because we can. :)