You and Me & Chasing Little G

If I Won the Lottery. . . .

Sabra GilbertComment

To be honest, I would probably go a little nuts with spending at first.
I'm kinda like that.

I would ... off my student loans and credit card.
... put some aside to keep paying for school in the future.
... get a smartphone.
... put money aside for my wedding.
... help my parents finish the house/ pay someone to finish the house for them.
... take my family (and Simeon) on a trip to Hawaii.
... buy myself a Prius, smart car, and a manly truck!
... get Simeon a nice car.
... donate some.
... go to a One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Hunter Hayes concerts.
... save some for the future. (kids, Pintrest-dream house, that kind of thing)
... invest.
... go to Europe with Simeon.
... buy Claire, but see if I can keep her at the horse unit until I have a ranch to put her on. (I would pay for her food and rent and such :)

I would still plan to work in the future. I did not start schooling for nothing!!