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Things I Learned in College {2}

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Hey guys! So here we are in part 2 of Things I Learned in College,but if you didn't read my guest post over at you probably don't know that there was a part one. (here)

I also will be taking on Guest Posters for this series! So if you want to share something you learned in college, (even if you are just finishing your first year or were done with college years ago!), email me or leave a comment and I will set a time with you to guest post! :)

Ask for Help

This is something that I admit to being completely terrible at. I despise asking for help with anything! Learning how to cook, homework, managing my money, and a ton of other things. Just ask Simeon! I think he gets the brunt of me not wanting help and I know he doesn't like it!

Unfortunatly, its something that you have to do a lot of once you reach college for sure. Classes are a lot harder and you should definatly get help if you are struggling! I can't cook. I also can't learn to cook unless someone teaches me. Though I do have to say that Simeon should get over not paying for everything for me, I can handle that on my own. . .  Most of the time. :)

One thing that I did ask for help for recently was for help making college management binder printables. I don't even know how to begin making a printable to share with you all! No idea. And I'm not super artistic so I don't even know if anyone would like them if I ever did make any! 

So I contacted Angela from A Typical English Home who says that she loves making printables to help me out and design some more student friendly printables!

Well I'm super excited to say that today, she posted the first set. (here)

And here are some direct links to the printables as well!

So here is part one! Next week, Angela will be featuring more printables that are for finances!
I'll make sure to keep you up to date with those!


All printables and pictures are from A Typical English Home.