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My Week of Confessions [1]

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments
Hey guys!
So today I'm joining the new link up cohosted by my HelloBox partner, Samantha from Life is But A Stream of Thoughts, and her fellow Tar Heel, Paige from The Sticky Note Addict!

~I confess that I may or may not be writing this at work. :)

~ I confess to having grown more attached to coffee in the past month than I care to admit.

~I confess to be terrible at painting the nails on my right hand.

~I confess to having cried a little inside when I noticed the office has no more of my favorite pens and my last one just died.

~I confess that I don't wear shoes at my desk at work.

~I confess that my favorite Pandora stations are One Direction and Taylor Swift.

~I confess to loving my hair when it is big and poofy.

~I confess to (Thanks to Pintrest) having my wedding almost completely planned out for whenever I get proposed to. (A girl has to be prepared right? :))

There you go! This weeks confessions! :)

Come back next wednesday for more, and don't forget to link up yourself!!!