You and Me & Chasing Little G

My Soul Sister

Sabra GilbertComment
Everyone, meet Lindy! Newly dubbed my soul sister.

I figured since I would probably be talking about this wonderful roommate so much, I should probably just do a post to introduce her and she said DO IT!

We scream out the car window each others names in strange sounding voices (highly recommend this activity by they way, insanely fun), cook together (more like, her teaching me how to cook) , and work together (horse pictures to follow :)). Basically, we spend about 75% of our time together.

This is her and Josie, her horse for out class last Fall and basically her baby.

I've never had a lot of luck with roommates, so I'm super excited that Lindy decided to ask me to be her roommate and that we get along so well! It's kinda awesome.

This girl is a trouble maker.
She likes to chase opossums. She splashes in puddles.
And yells random things out windows.

We are learning how to drive stick shift together. Thanks to Simeon!

Oh, did I mention that we are now the three musketeers?
I LOVE that Simeon and Lindy get along so well! Since you know, I'm around both of them almost constantly.

Now for a lovely picture of Mooly that Lindy took Sunday morning during chores.