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Animals are THE Bes-t Medicine

Sabra Gilbert2 Comments

So I'm an easily stressed person. I'm also mostly an introvert, meaning I like time by myself to recharge.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help you de-stress that well to just sit in a room doing stuff by yourself sometimes. Sure, painting your nails, reading, and watching Netflix shows can help at times, but I find that another breathing thing can help me a whole lot more.

Animals help me destress the most. Shadowing at the Equine barn has been one of the best things for me this last year, as it always gave me one night a week where I could go and take care of horses. Sometimes I would find it fun to go early and just spend time talking and petting the horses. Even though they can't respond, sometimes it is so much better to have a chat with animals instead of people.

I've always been one of those people who loves to cuddle with my dog at home when I'm having a bad day, but once you get to school, there is no puppy running around the house to chase after to cuddle with anymore.

Since I no longer had Kallie to cuddle up with anymore, I had to go looking for something else to replace her with. Though I could never even truly replace my baby.

1| See if your dorm will bring in local dogs or cats from the local Humane Society once a month.
Our campus allows dorms to bring in a few animals from the Humane Society at least once a semester, everyone always crowds the common room. We get too play and cuddle with the sweetest animals they have, but the suckiest part of that is that you have to share.

2| Volunteer at your local Humane Society.
This is one that i have yet to have time for yet, but the best part is that you get the pup or kitty all to yourself!!

3| Shadow/Visit the animals on campus.
Now this is what I did. I used to LOVE heading down the barn before chores started, and first semester, when i had my colt from class at the barn, I would go and just chill with a few horses.