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10 Things I Live For

Sabra GilbertComment

This week is a hard one for me. I am going back and forth between can I really narrow it down to 10 things and can I make it a full 10. There are so many things that I like to make the center of my life, but then again so few.

10| Organization
I know this sounds like a strange one, but once everything is organized and nice, oh that just makes my day sooo much better. I can completely relax and throughly enjoy the day.

9| Growing
Not in the physical sense, but in my knowledge of different things and in my walk with Christ.

8| Knowledge
I adore learning new things, but only if I am completely interested in it. Like in my Equine classes or scouring Pintrest for blogging tips and how to make my own things. Cooking has also been a recent one.

7| Cuddling
Another thing that I adore doing, cuddling with animals, my family, and Simeon. It can make the worst day a million times better.

6| Light bulb moments
I love that moment when suddenly you understand something. I guess this ties in with knowledge, but its that moment that it completely clicks. Like understanding a slip knot for the first time. Or the second i realized that I could make my own printables.

5| Memories
Making memories, thats one of the most important part of living isn't it? Making memories of laughter, or serious moments, and of wonderful stories that I'll still be reminecing on when I'm old.

4| Blogging
Wow, do I enjoy getting a chance to share my thoughts and do some of my own creative writing on here. In the scientific world that I have stuck myself in leaves no room for creativity, but I really enjoy creating things so this is my outlet of everything I truly enjoy for fun.

3| Photography
This is my other creative outlet. Cameras hold memories. hold beauty. hold whatever you want to make it if you work for it.

2| Laughter
1| Christ

I think the last two can go without explanation.