You and Me & Chasing Little G

What, What!!!

Sabra GilbertComment
So right now I am insanely excited!!! Like so excited I'm about to end up in tears (did I mention on today's post that not only sadness, but super excitement can make me cry also? Yep, I'm THAT girl )

I have my first guestpost up today at Jess' blog!
This girl was an AMAZING HelloBox partner and is just a wonderful blogger! 
While you are over there checking on the beginning of my new series, make sure to check her out as well!

What? New series you ask?


For the fun of it, I thought I would reflect on some of the things that I have learned so far at college (other than the boring class things).

Ok, so you would think that those things would be exciting enough in blog land right?


Dude! So lately I've been feeling all, "no one probably actually reads my blog. I've been MIA for a month and nothing interesting is going on."


I get a comment on my blog! That's exciting! It makes my day better than it has been going so far (we aren't going into that one. ugh) and I decide to check her blog out. 

I never find college blogs so I'm like COOL!! ANOTHER COLLEGE BLOG!! so I keep reading. And then I read her Bucket List post and IT WAS INSPIRED BY ME!!! And she totally mentions me and adds a link to my blog and I'm like OMG THAT IS SO SWEET.

Of course, I hope you guys are realizing that as I squeal something that I am jumping up and down in excitement as well. Just FYI.

So go check Emma out as well! Cause obviously, she is awesome too!

Now if only the sun would come out, oh, oh WAIT! There it is.

Day. Made.