You and Me & Chasing Little G

I'm THAT girl

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
The girl who. . .

probably has her NOOK in her bag and fully charged up

if her bf is around, will be completely latched to his side cuddling and flirting

has a complete pit of a room until I find the motivation to make it completely perfect

gets excited when office supplies goes on sale

needs a few hours to herself almost every day

wants everything to be colorful

pushes herself past her limits

will stress out over the littlest things

is always in jeans and a t-shirt

still calls her parents, mommy and daddy

will cry at the slightest hint of sadness

has her wall covered in posters, pictures, and her favorite quotes

microorganizes everything!

always has a smile on her face

loves her job

wants her future to be now

plans everything and plans nothing at the same time

loves routine

wants to become a popular blogger

wants to work with tigers

gives praise to God for each and every wonderful blessing that He had let me receive.