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Finals Week - Sophomore Year

Sabra GilbertComment
This finals week is sooo bittersweet!
I'm so excited for summer, moving into my apartment, and Simeon graduating and coming to SDSU.
BUT. . .
 there are also the friends who leave for the summer and I won't see again til fall.
there is packing and leaving this little room that has become my home for the past year (I get a little attached).
there is also the fact that when Simeon starts school here, he won't see his wonderful friends in Omaha anywhere as much as he does now.

I do have to admit to also enjoying a few of my classes this year. . . you know, just a few. :)

There is also trying to figure out the balance of how much time you should spend studying, seeing friends before they leave, and packing and moving stuff around.

Next week, I'll show how I got organized for finals week!
though I can't promise that I stuck to it really well. :)