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Break from Technology {My Week without Internet}

Sabra GilbertComment

So that first week in my apartment, I had absolutly no internet (as I'm sure you could all tell by my complete lack of posts that week).

It was fun.
I wasn't on the computer 24/7 as I usually was.
I was doing things with other people and hanging out a lot more than I usually would.
This could also have to do with the fact that school was out and I no longer HAD to check things everyday.

But it got me thinking.
Is it really that bad to just put the computer away for a few days at a time?
{This is, of course, after already scheduling posts for this blog ahead of time!}

Would it be that bad if I also turned my phone off for a few hours? Maybe a day?
What about a whole weekend?

Would I die without my crutch of technology?

Probably not. I would survive. Maybe finish a hardcover book. Maybe clean my whole apartment. Maybe take a nice long walk on the bike path by my apartment.

I would be fine and maybe, even more relaxed without being on deadline for my blog, or on call for people to contact me at a moments notice.

So I think that this is going to be one of my new goals.
Putting the laptop, phone, TV, NOOK, and iPod away for a day every month.

Will the world end?

Maybe, but that could happen with everything turned on as well!