You and Me & Chasing Little G


Sabra GilbertComment

I get to lead my bible study this week and I'm slightly super excited mixed with anxious that I'm not going to be as awesome as our usual leaders!

I get to discuss fellowship.

Fellowship is such a weird word. Everyone uses it, but not in the way that the word suggests it should actually be used. A speaker who came to Joshua Team at the beginning of the semester explained it in a way that made me understand it more. She said that people use fellowship to focus on making sure that everyone leaves the room happy. But that doesn't even begin to cover what true Christian fellowship should be.

Fellowship isn't always about making others happy. It's about being united in our hope and faith in Jesus Christ and helping each other to grow. Her working definition was "investing in relationships that deepen my experience of what we share in common." To do this you have to put effort into your relationships and make a commitment to not to be ordinary.

"Hey, how are you doing today?"
"I'm good. You?"

True Fellowship is about digging into the things that you have talked about in the past and getting the persons true life story. It is helping them to improve their walk whether it is by encouragement or by provoking them gentley into seeing what they are doing wrong. We all have to stir up things in each other to get us to move on.

I think that this is an important concept that isn't really common in our society right now. American's seem to think that everyone should walk away happily from every conversation, whether they are really happy about it or not.

You don't have to always hide behind a smile.
Find that person who will listen to everything that is troubling you.
Find a few believers that will push you.
Find a mentor that isn't afraid to lecture you when you aren't fulfilling your own goals.