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Book Bag Reveal

Sabra Gilbert5 Comments

Today, I'm doing the What's In Your Purse link up! But as I don't actually carry a purse very often at all, I'm going to share my bookbag contents!
I have a lot of things that I carry in my bag everyday, other than my books and binders.
Though I'm thinking of showing off how I organize my binders as well... but that's off topic.

These are the things that I carry every day. Just the run of the mill things. I carry my water bottle everywhere and absolutely love it! It's one of those Camelbaks. I have two and adore them. I always have at least one in my book bag and one on my desk. The same is true for tissues. I always have a pack on my desk and one in my bag. I have terrible luck in the winter with constantly getting a runny rose in the terrible South Dakota wind.

The phone is brand new! I got it this past weekend and I adore it! It isn't a smart phone but it has a touch screen and I am really enjoying it! It is super tricky to figure out and I have called voice mail on my phone at least 20 times a day since I got it. It's just a little button that my finger apparently my finger swipes by all the time.

I always keep a huge stack of pens and pencils and highlighters in my book bag of different colors. I always use a pen and a highlighter when taking notes. I practically need color to focus when I study. It draws my attention. So I cover my notes in it all the time. 

The calculator is obvious. Then I have wonderful lotion, two types of drugs, and hand sanitize.  I have terrible cramps so I always carry midol, or as seen here knock-off midol in a midol bottle. And the ibuprofen for the headaches that I always seem to get.

The cute notebook is for all of my To Do lists that I enjoy writing and lists upon lists of ideas for blog posts. I got it just for the adorableness so that I would enjoy writing in it every day. 

I also carry around my Nook for little times that I finally get to read. I love reading but only get tiny bits and pieces of times to read.

Whats in your bag?