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6 Years of Friendship

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So today, I'm linking up with Becky (From Mrs. to Mama) and handing over the reins to my best friend, Kaity, so you guys can hear what she thinks of me. :) And she decided to use all high school pictures, so you guys get to see all that lovelyness! So with that ...

Here she is!


Sabra is a unique name. It is the type of name that few encompass. However, my best friend

 represents the name with ease. Sabra is truly a one of a kind person. From her laugh to her 

hiccups she exudes individuality. 

Oral Interp Senior Year

I first met Sabra during my freshman year of high school. It was my first day at a new 

school and Sabra overwhelmed me with friendliness. A fact that I am very thankful for now,

 because I don’t know where I would be with out her. She has been my best friend since the 

first day I met her and will continue to be until the day we end up in a nursing home. (You'll 

be stuck with me much longer than just that missy!) In high school we seemed inseparable. 

We did cheer, oral interp., and theater together. 

Homecoming Senior Year

Sabra has a wonderful sense of humor to match her unique laugh. She is sensitive to the 

needs and troubles of others. She is the type of person who will do all she can to comfort 

you. Sabra is a person to put trust into and to count on.

Birthday Party Fun

Sabra is the person that I got into trouble with, the one I cried with, and the one I shared in 

happiness with. She knows all of the crushes I have had, and all the mischievous acts that I 

have engaged in. Somehow she was the person that always got caught for the trouble that I 

instigated, resulting in some pretty amazing memories. (Like running into filing cabinets.)

Junior year Prom

Our friendship has had some rough patches and may have some in the future, but Sabra is

 such an easy going person and forgives easily. I have been blessed to have such a 

wonderful friend, and I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to meet such an

 extraordinary young lady. 

I hope you all have a chance to meet a person like Sabra, because once you do your life will 

change for the better.