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What I Wish I'd Learned in High School

Sabra Gilbert1 Comment
So I'm on spring break and enjoying being home with my family and gang of furry animals. As I woke up to Stormie banging around the room to get ready for school this morning, I started wondering what I really wished I ha learned in high school.
So here are one of my 5 Things Lists again!

1| Finances
I really wish there had been a class that focused on handling finances and college loans and all that, that didn't have the stigma of being for the kids who wouldn't cut it in college and would probably just go into the work force right away. I was encouraged to take economics instead which was the biggest waste of my time ever! Except that I got to hang with my bestie for 85 minutes every other day and talk through the entire class who was taught by someone who had no idea what he was talking about.

2| How to Study
I never had to study in high school. I am a pretty good test taker and in high school, it seems like half the time that's really all you need. To pay attention in class and be a good test taker. I breezed through most of my classes without really thinking about studying. Though now that I'm in hard college level science classes, I'm struggling to remember that I need to study and figuring how to study correctly. and it slightly sucks. 

3| The Importance of Saving Money in High School
I wish that I had actually had a job while in high school. Instead I decided to join 101 activities and spend all of my time doing that and homework instead of ever getting a job, even for the summer. And then I wish I had also then learned how important it was to save a portion of the money that i earned and buy myself a car or be able to pay off part of college out of pocket instead of  piling up these loans. 

4| How to Cook
I move into my own apartment this year where I have to start making my own food, and I have absolutely no idea how to actually cook! I can make some mean mac&cheese (from the box!). But that's about it. While I can't wait to be making my own food, I feel like I'm going to go through a huge time of trial and error starting on May 1st. Wish me luck!

5| How to do Legit Research
I now have to write 7-9 page papers and am expected to join into Undergraduate Research projects. I barely know where to start! In high school, we never used the big fancy equipment that I'm now expected to use without too much trouble. Or how to find legit journal articles. In high school, Wiki may have often been used without penalties. Now, I feel slightly overwhelmed with these big changes.

 I've adjusted by now, but high school didn't set me up very nicely for these huge changes that had to happen. Maybe that's the way its supposed to me. But I would have loved some help adjusting better!