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LDR Tip #5 - Long Distance Date Ideas

Sabra GilbertComment

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and Simeon and I are going to officially be 0 for 3 on Valentine's Days spent together.

It's lame. I know

Our first V-day, I was cheering a double header (who schedules a double header basketball game on Valentine's Day!) and got to see Simeon for a grand total of maybe an hour all day.

Last year, along with this year, Simeon will be in Omaha for school while I am freezing my tush off in South Dakota.

But, yes, we still will be having a V-Day date together!

We plan to get all dressed up, have a Skype dinner, watch Once Upon A Time, and then probably Skype some more.

We don't do anything too fancy, but its good to still spend time together. And don't worry, I've already made Simeon promise that next year, when he goes to school here, that he has no excuse but to have Valentine's Day with me. NO EXCUSE! :)

So Skyping isn't always that entertaining. It's good to do other things "together" as well. When in person, people aren't only just talking the entire time like long distance relationships seem to have to do. 

That's why Simeon and I try to have different things in our date arsenol that we pull out when conversations starts to go a little thin. 

We like to have a show that we both are obsessed with, such as Once Upon A Time, Arrow, and White Collar. This way we have something that we can talk about and still sit in silence watching the show "together." 

We use Hulu or Netflix so we can start together at the same time. Though having a time for a show on cable would work just as well :)

Simeon and I also can be slightly cheesy.
We LOVE Board Games!

Right now, we each have a Battleship board that we sometimes pull out so we can play against each other. It's a great way to ramp up the competition with each other. We LOVE kicking each others butts. . . though I do have to admit to not being the best strategist. 

There are also plenty of online games that you can play together.

Simeon would love if I would join League of Legends, but my laptop can't handle it or something. 

So have fun and be creative!!

What are your Valentine's Day plans?