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LDR #4 - Making Gifts Count

Sabra GilbertComment
So Valentine's Day is coming up! 
I'm so excited to be celebrating my 3rd Valentine's Day with Simeon, though it is also the 3rd in a row that we have never been able to be together in person.
So I enjoy getting Simeon presents!
I also enjoy making his presents!

While this is a gift that I made Simeon for Christmas, it can also be a wonderful gift for Valentine's Day.
I made a 365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar.
I got the idea from Pintrest and put my own little spin on it by making it his favorite colors.

I started with a hot cocoa can and cleaned it out before I started mod podging the outside. I also used magazine clippings to decorate the back.

I then cut 365 strips of colorful paper to match the can. I kept some thin and some wide so I could write different length messages on them.

Next came the best part, coming up with 365 things to write.
I used stories, traits, inside jokes, and things that I really appretiated that he had done during the last few years that we have been together, and even a few from our friendship beforehand.

I wrote these on sheets of paper before I wrote them out, just in case i copied one on accident again at a later time.

This is the most time consuming part and it took me hours to write them all out, so make sure to plan ahead for this gift!!

I find that it's really important to give gifts that aren't just something the other can toss to the side and not really care about. Half the time, I don't get to see Simeon so it feels important that when he sees something that I gave him that he can know that I love him.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?