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5 Things That Annoy Records & Registration Office Workers

Sabra GilbertComment
So, I work in my school's Records & Registration office as a work-study student and I know the different things that can peeve off the ladies in my office. So these things probably annoy the staff in any school's office. 

5| Handwriting is Important! 
If you even have slightly sketchy handwriting and can get the form online, TYPE IT!
I hate wasting time trying to decipher names for alphabetizing or addresses for things that get mailed back

Write your best and if your best is still iffy, TYPE!

4| Angry Callers
Watch your temper with these ladies! They do handle your grades! Not that they would ever be that petty, but frustrated callers are annoying to the people answering the phones.

We are trying to help you, so don't yell at us!

3| Offices have a Recording for a Reason!
No one likes to listen to a recording, but we don't have time to answer the phone all the time and get our piles of work done. If it is a frequently asked question, it is most likely answered on the recording. If you absolutly need to talk to someone, then you can let the call go through.

Please just listen to the recording first!!

2| State what you Want EXACTLY within the first minute of calling.
We don't want some long story about your aunt's dog eating your textbook, if you want to add a class. Tell us what you want right off the bat. One of the most annoying things is when we play hot potato with the phone because someone says that they want this, when what they really want is that, but it just happens that they actually need that other thing.

Save your stories for if they are needed later!

1| Look for a Form First!!!
Need to change something? Want to order a transcript or new diploma? There is most likely a form that needs to be filled out. Please, use this form! Most annoying thing ever is when we recieve a scrap piece of paper that doesn't have the right information on it. Also, make sure to read EVERYTHING on the form so that we don't have to call you to get point blank information that is necessary to process your request and will delay whatever you are wanting to get.

Research first!!

I beg you, please take these little tips if you ever have to do anything in the records and registration office. We love the people who come prepared! We really do!