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My College Management Binder

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So all over Pintrest, you can find home management binders and lesson plan binders and blogging binders, but no one has made a college management binder! So I decided that I would try to take bits and pieces from other's binders and try to find something that will organize all the things that I need in one place and still have the idea of a home management binder.

Decorating the binder is probably my favorite part. I used mod podge and clippings from magazines to design the front of my binder to be encouraging and show off some of my favorite things. I also used personal pictures to decorate each divider inside of my binder. It's fun to see some of my favorite people as i go through my binder. This picture was taken before i finished decorating my binder, as you will see when i make the video (if i can ever figure that out :])

Being a college student, I also wasn't going to pay for any of the printables that I wanted to use, mostly for the fact that I have other things that it seems more important to spend my money on. So all the printables that I use, I have found for free.

I have my blog planner, finances, class information, address book, and goals, all in one place. 

It's my "It's All About Me" binder when I'm feeling a little big headed.

Because of my lack of a camera, I can't show you the inside yet.

But I can tell you what is inside my binder and give you the links to the free printables!
WARNING: These printables are not all the same theme as they mostly all come from different sources. Most likely if there is no link, then I made my own very simple printable that fit my own needs. If you still want to see it or have a copy, leave a comment below.

First, I have a cover page, which is actually a disney picture that I colored myself. :)

weekly schedule
2013 calender
weekly blog sheets

blog statistics
subdivider for unposted  and posted blog posts

SUBFOLDER - Contacts
SUBFOLDER - Finances
income tracker
checkbook register
cash check-in
SUBFOLDER - School Things
password organizer
master syllabus for the semester
academic plan (will show later)
progress sheet

class goals
101 in 1001 goals
bucket list ideas to complete this year
2013 Financial goals
future financial goals
things to do
scholarship applications

Then I also have a folder in the back to put things that I want to add to my binder, but don't have time to do so now.

Things Needed to Put your Binder Together
1 inch binder
post it tabs
page protectors
a folder
post its
paper (I used fun colors for the more bland printables.)

I put the post its on the front divider so I can always get to them easily. Since I use this binder when I pay bills, I also keep a check book near the front. When I have subdivided areas, I use the Post It tabs to mark where the new subdivision is. All of my dividers are written in pencil so that I can change them anytime I want.

I plan on doing a video later to show off my little binder. The best thing about a binder is that it is always changing and evolving until you find the perfect fit. I'm not going to pretend that I am the master binder maker! There are plenty of different binders to look at and plenty of different printables to find if none of these fit your taste.

If you make a binder, put a link to your blog post or pintrest pin in the comments. 
I would love to see how you made your binder and what you like to use it for!