You and Me & Chasing Little G

Awesomeness & Tragedy

Sabra GilbertComment
 So we will begin with the bad news because everyone always likes to have a pick me up after bad news!

My camera is dead.

It was so cute! :'(

It took a trip through the lovely water ride, also known as a washing machine.
Simeon and I tried everything!!!!

                 We blow dried it.
                                           We stuck it near the fire.
                                                                               We stuck it in rice for over 24 hours.
But alas, we could not revive my camera. So it is resting in its little coffin of a box that I received it in.
I think what upsets me the most is I just bought this camera in September and I swear I checked all my pockets before handing over the pile clothes to my mom.


I have a whole dorm room to myself!
Is that awesome or what.
So now I have an epic desk setup, where I put both together in an L shape. 
My bed is lower and I have two closets.
Not that I really need two closets, but I love having extra space!
I haven't completely reorganized everything yet, but I am on the way!

Oh I love organizing!
I get a room to myself!
It's a new semester!
It's a new year!

I am in heaven right now.