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Schedule keeping for Busy Weeks

Sabra GilbertComment
Its near the end of the semester! Anyone else have a countdown going? 
I only have 12 days til my last final!!!

Speaking of which, are you prepared for finals yet?

I know I'm no! But its past time to only think about how to get ready! I have spent the last few days mapping out finals and unavoidable activities for the next few weeks, so I can fill in homework and study times!

But wanna know my favorite new way to keep track of my days?

With the Notecard Schedule!!
(Seen below in my planner for the week. This was last Wednesday)

I have seen the idea somewhere but tweaked it to specifically my own needs to keep me as organized as possible. So here is how it works for me!

Things Needed
5x6 Index cards (I went for the ones without lines)
Black Pen
Colored Pen
Lists of Homework Due Dates

1. Using the black pen, I put my entire concrete schedule for the day
in the left hand corner. Its in pen because it cannot be changed! These are things that
happen every week, or activities that are required.

2. On the right, I wrote homework and other tasks that NEED my attention today.
It has to be stuff that absolutely need to be done today.

3. Finally, at the bottom of the notecard with pencil, put the things that you would like to get
around to today, but are no big deal if you don't.
Examples: taking out the trash, organizing a set of drawers that are out of the way.
Just little extra things to do to fill in blank time.

I enjoy highlighting the activities and to do list things that I have finished so that the notecard still looks organized and non-messy. 

PS. This was my desk while making this past weeks notecards. I think I need to put desk organizing in pen on this weeks notecards!!

1. My laptop is always on my desk or in my lap. I enjoy constant noise while doing things, so at that moment, Pandora was up on the screen. Though Netflix, Hulu, or the can be found on my screen as well!

2. My Little Mermaid fishtank! :) I love my little murderous fish! Maximous is my crazy goldfish, who  doesn't know how to share, as he has unfortunately killed any roommate I have tried to give him.

3. Waterbottle! It's one of those awesome ones that filters the water that is put inside of it. Gotta stay hydrated!

4. My phone is my calander. So when I am doing scheduling things, it is always right next to me. That and my planner, my calander on my computer, and my wall one. I'm slightly OCD about not missing an event or not seeing a test coming ahead of time.

5. My planner while I made my notecards. This year is the one that my school gave me for living in the dorm. But I'm already looking for an awesome big one that will handle all my activites, blog notes, classes, and personal life things. I write down everything!

6. The notecards being written up!

Completely different situation from when I get to work from home!

Have fun organizing!