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LDR Tip #2

Sabra GilbertComment
Long distance relationships can have their ups and downs.
One of the biggest downers can be waiting to see one another again. One of the things that makes these low moment a little brighter for me is knowing how many days I have until I can see Simeon again.

So one day I grabbed my extra dry erase board and markers, and went to town!
I enjoyed making my countdown, and I change it up every few times that Simeon comes out.
Here is what it looks like today!

ONLY 8 DAYS! :) until I get him for over a month.

I like having a low maintenance board that looks good by itself and I could make look better if I had the time to really sit down and decorate it. I also enjoy being able to physically change the board each day.
I usually do the night before, so when I look at it in the morning its like "YAY, another day shorter!"

Get creative with it!

- Put it somewhere you will see it everyday, best if it is the first thing you see.
- Add a picture
-Use bright colors
- Use days, not weeks (you can change it everyday, and have the realistic time spacing in your head)
- Don't start til your significant other is gone. (It is best to work on when you are sad when they leave to get your mind on when they come back, not that they are gone.)

Make sure it makes you smile, because that's the best part.

I love sending pictures of it randomly to Simeon if he is having a low day, or if I am.