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LDR #3 - Amazing Dates

Sabra GilbertComment
So the ultimate best thing about long distance relationships are school breaks!
That's when I get to spend the most time with Simeon.
One of our favorite things is to once during each break (at least) is to have one super big date!

These dates usually last all afternoon and include a lot of favorite things!

Here is a sneak of our date that we had on Saturday.
Followed by some tips to make your own date!

We started our date around noon with some quick sandwiches before heading into town for a day of fun!

We were gonna start the day at the CheapTheater with a veiwing of Hotel Translivania (we both love Disney movies, the funnier the better), but as there was a huge line of kids for the 1:20 showing, we decided to save that for later.

So instead, we started our Christmas shopping!!

Simeon has been wanted a Fedora forever! So we started our search! It is sooo hard to find a good, black, small Fedora! While we were trying to find the perfect Fedora, I found the hat above! I loved it so of course, it became part of my Christmas present. (That boy spoils me)

We finally found the perfect one and finished our Christmas shopping for others by three.

Now, it was time for me to get my real present!!

Simeon took me to Color Me Mine and we made a Christmas plate!

It took 3 hours to complete! But it was fun doing so together!
Those lightbulbs took an hour in themselves!

Unfortunatly, this is when my camera died!

After we finished our plate, we were starving! So we enjoyed a Chinese buffet. Boy, was Simeon happy when he figured out that I actually do like Chinese food! He thought he was doomed to never enjoy Chinese again when he started dating me! I'm an insanely picky eater. . . :)
Afterwards, we finally made it to Hotel Translivania. Very funny, but no plot. I loved it! While Simeon thought it was so-so.
We finished the night driving through a park completely decorated in lights.

Tips for Your Own Amazing Date
1. Charge your camera!!
2.Make a plan beforehand!
3. Have back-up times for if things dont work out.
4. Be flexible!