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5 Apps of Windows 8 That I Love!

Sabra GilbertComment
So when I first turned on my new laptop, I had completely no idea what to expect from Windows 8.
And I hated it to begin with.

But slowly I am growing accustomed to its weirdness, and am slowly learning to love it!
even if it wasn't made for a laptop.

This is my start page!!! While i barely really use it, it really has a few things that I absolutely LOVE!

1. The Photo Page | Instead of a boring file thingy popping up when I want to look at my pictures, I get this page! The cover photo of the folder is constantly changing. The photo app also gets my pictures from Facebook and everything else that I could store pictures on. Its kinda awesome! :)

2. The Clock/Date thingy | I'll admit to not knowing what it is really called, but I like that I can just look at the time and the date in a glance. It's really helpful to me since I don't wear a watch and seem to always be misplacing my phone across the room.

3. The Calender! | I'm not really sure why I put this in the middle of the post instead of the first or the last one because I LOVE THIS APP! but then again I just like calenders in general. :) I keep a handwritten calender on my wall, an updated cell phone calender, and then this one too. I also have a school planner and working on making a blog planner. I know its a little overkill, but it keeps me organized!

4. The Weather | I'm not a check the weather kind of gal. And it gets me into a lot of trouble in South Dakota where the weather is INSANE! It changes quickly from day to day and drives me crazy! So this is just an easy way to get a quick veiw of the weather before I head out the door and freeze/sweat to death.

5. The CW app| Most of the shows that I watch are on the CW. This is just a few clicks straight to my favorite shows, instead of going all the way through the site and such. It can run a little slower sometimes, but other than that it is pretty good as long as I'm doing nothing else.

What are you favorite apps on Windows 8?