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LDR Tip #1 - Nobody Says It's Easy

Sabra GilbertComment
Ok, so I was going to have a more thought out and fun way to make this post. 

 then I watched the Glee episode "The Break Up" on Hulu.

And it made me insanely mad!

It is possible to have a long distance relation and for it to work more than two days before you just have to break up. Look at Simeon and I! We have been 4 hours apart for 3 semesters of college now. There is a such thing as summer that means you get to have all your constant together time too.

It all matters how you decide to approach the situation. If you are gonna try to "wing" it or if you both decide together that you are going to make it work no matter what. Are you really in love and want to spend the rest of your life together? Or are you two just being too lazy to break up?

You can't skip too many call times or skype dates. Its rude.

It's going to suck at times. You are going to want to cuddle or talk with them and they wont be there. Sometimes you cry. Sometimes it makes you angry.

But if it really makes you want to break up with them just because YOU think you desearve their constant 100% attention and they can't give it to you. Then you need a reality check.

That's how life is going to be. Make sure to check yourself in the mirror before you blame it all on the other person. And look at what is going on in your life also. If you are just as busy, is it really the other persons fault that you can't make your schedule's mesh? 

You can make it work if you both make it a priority to make it work.