You and Me & Chasing Little G


Sabra GilbertComment
So I realized something today.

I am easily intimidated!

I find something that inspires me and want to go after it, so I dig deeper. Wanting to know every detail about what inspired me. If it's a person, I want to know what they have done, is doing and their goals. And then I see something and I'm like "Holy cow! I could never do anything this awesome!"

Example #1 - The College Prep

Holy cow, this woman is superwoman!
She started her blog while a freshman at Georgetown. She wrote a BOOK that was published the summer between her freshman and sophomore year, while managing an increasingly popular blog, which she updates DAILY! Her blog looks great, has awesome posts, and a huge following. She talks about fashion, little tips, and her insane schedule (5:05 AM alarm after a 1 PM bedtime! That's how she gained superwoman status!) . Yet, she rarely seems to get frazzled or unorganized!

She is a great blog role model, but man! does her resume intimidate me! I'm still trying to figure out how to get a banner for my blog and an actual follower! (If you wanna be the first, you would make my day! :)) How can my blog or resume ever compare to the College Prep?

Solution to my intimidation?

1) She has had FOUR years to build up her awesomeness. She also has different skills than I do, so however she got to the point she is now is going to be COMPLETELY different from how I will get there.

I am only beginning my awesomeness.

2) She has completely different goals than I do. She wants to live her life in New York City running her buisnesses and working at the Levo League.

I enjoy writing on the side while I really want to be a Zoo Veterininarian or a Zookeeper!

I need to remember that I'm just beginning.
My blog. My education. My adult life. My honors plan. My organizational ideas. My schedule keeping.

And while I'm at the beginning, I"m going to make a lot of mistakes.

And life will go on.