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Hello Everyone!

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This is my first official post! YAY! Just thought I would give you some information about me and what I plan for this blog to be about!

I am a college girl at South Dakota State University, where we just celebrated our 100th Hobo Day! Go Jacks!

I like to be super organized and enjoy showing off my newest trick! So there will most likely be little posts and printables here and there to help you guys keep organized in college as well.

Christ is my life. I will hopefully be giving some of my insight and helpful tips on staying Christian in college. I am hopefully getting a cross tattoo on my hand soon, so I will defiantly be showing off the idea and hopefully the official tattoo as well. It is just a little daily reminder to Trust in God and to remember what He did for me every day. I enjoy spending a few hours every week with my Bible Study girls! It is a great way to relieve stress in a week.

The second most important man in my life is my long distance boyfriend, Simeon. I plan to put LDR tips here and there, as we have been doing the LDR thing for over a year now. We started dating in high school, but decided to go to different colleges that were about four hours away from each other. We’ve made it through this far and only have a semester and a half to go! He will be transferring here after this year! J

I am also planning to put more fitness into my life so I will be tracking how that goes on here and hoping to give you guys some motivation as well!

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