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Getting Real About Blogging While Pregnant

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   After years of blogging, I always thought my first pregnancy was going to be one that I was all over. That I had a game plan in the bag and it would just be so easy. Since pregnancy is a plethora of learning new crazy things.

And then I actually got pregnant.

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And the first trimester was practically traumatizing. I was constantly nauseous and couldn't eat or drink. So with that, I constantly had migraines and headaches. And I slept constantly. I got up and maybe would have an hour in the morning before work, and then would fall asleep right after dinner (if I could get anything down that is!

So that left no time for blogging.

And even though I started by trying to take photos every week., that eventually tapered off as well while I was so much more distracted by sleep than wanting to look nice for pictures of my bump.

Then I finally started feeling better! Which was amazing and I was so excited about that! So then it was time to buckle down and get baby things done.

Which still left no time for blogging.

Sometimes, I've missed it. Blogging like I used to back in the days of Crazy.College.Life. (yeah that was seriously the name of my first blog.) I would just jump on my laptop whenever I had a spare moment and loved every second of it. I didn't pressure myself to make money on my blog or to have a million readers. I just enjoyed getting my words out there.

And that was the part of me that I thought would blog wonderfully through a pregnancy.

But in the last few years, I've tried to push myself too much in blogging. I tried to schedule ahead of time, make posts actually useful to people, and figure out social media. Which, if I'm being completely honest, I don't really like to do. Sometimes it's fun. But with those things, I put a lot of pressure on myself to follow deadlines that maybe aren't actually that reasonable with the time that I actually have to do these things.

Oy and making sure to have the perfect photo for a post. Oy vey!

Now I'm not saying that I'm not going to do these things anymore. These days, many of these things are what is needed to have a successful blog. One that not only is a wonderful hobby, but one that helps pay the bills as well. Which, if I'm paying to blog, it's nice if the blogging helps by paying for itself back.

What I'm wanting to say is that I don't want these things to dictate when I do or don't blog. I want to make a place full of fun writing and serious writing. I'll still have posts here and there that will be like this one and be completely words and not considered perfect. But I also want to strive for some posts that are useful to you as well, the reader. Which if you are still here reading this, thank you.

Thank you for  your continued patience with my absence. Thank you for sitting through this rambling post. Thank you for being awesome.