You and Me & Chasing Little G

Fox Bentley's 1st Birthday

The Gilbert ZooSabra GilbertComment

Fox is my first baby. And as such, he has been spoiled out of his mind. I spent a week picking the right cake recipe to make him and he wouldn't eat more than a bite, the spoiled pup. I think I confused him by putting his cake on a plate. He's such a good boy who knows better than to eat anything that we put on our plates. I tried to convince him that it was ok but he would only eat the piece that I put on the ground for him. But he adored the peanut butter and bacon on the top! I was able to convince hi to lick those off. :)

In my job, I watch people loose their animals everyday. Either to sickness, old age, or landlords forcing them to give them up. I never want to take my babies for granted. I love photographing all the big and small moments to remember years from now when my little pups are graying adults. Can you imagine Fox grey? Like old man grey, not his gorgeous Merle he is now. Or the horrible day that I loose my first pup. I'll be glad for all the photos that I've taken of him over the years. Though I imagine that I'll be completely devastated for a very long while. But hopefully that doesn't happen for a very very long time. 

Anyway, back to happiness, look at this gorgeous boy!