You and Me & Chasing Little G

Coming Back to My Blogging Home

Sabra GilbertComment

Ever had a hobby that you miss with all your heart when you've been away for too long? That is blogging for me. I seriously miss coming to my space and writing to my hearts content on what my life. My experiances and sharing my loves. 

I don't miss the politics of blogging. What people tell you that you have to do to have a successful blog. Years ago, the first blogs that I fell in love with (Anyone remember Stress Case, or Love the Grows?) didn't have to worry about scheduling soial media or making sure their Pintrest presence was on parr. And that is the type of blogging that I fell in love with. 

When bloggers were raw. More worried about what they actually had to say to their audiance than how Pintrest-worthy their post was. Or if they had just the perfect photo for their blog post. Or scheduling social media that attracted just the right amount of new followers. When bloggers were surprised that 100 people would show up on a regular basis to hear their thoughts on the world, let alone 5,000. 

Sure, I would love to turn this hobby that I love into a small source of income, but I'm really not wanting to ruin blogging for myself again by forcing a strong social media presence. I can't tweet. I honestly hate twitter. But I love instagram and Snapchat and genuinely show up on those platforms multiple times a day.

I'm willing to give the followers who want to stick with me a genuine peek into my very un-curated life. 

But a look into my un-curated life is no longer just about showing you how I as a person am growing on my own. It's about showing you how Simeon and I are growing into the family that we want to be. How we care for our household together. How we love on our crazy fur-babies (yes there are multiple now). And how we plan to love on the little G's of our future and our journey to bring them into our family.

Honestly, the journey to bring future Little G's into our family is what has taken over my life in the last few years. It hasn't been an easy one. It's been frustrating. And heartbreaking. And, in all honesty, faith destroying. So I'm back to document my process of rebuilding that faith, sharing how I care for my home, and Simeon's and my path to bring home some non-furry babies.

So with a new journey that I want to share, a new branding and blog name is here as well. I'm trading up blog names once again to You & Me Chasing Little G. A name that not only means we are working for our babies, but once those babies come, can also stick with us as they grow. For years, my branding has always been about my affinity to bright colors. But I think that I'm finally starting to figure out that i don't actually like bright colors on blogs. Never have. And I needed to make this space more of a refuge for me. So a simpler, calmer color palette is here to join us as well. 

I'm excited to jump back into what I love.