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I Needed The Break

Real TalkSabra GilbertComment

Don't get me wrong. I loved working for myself and I adore blogging, but I had got into a horrible loop of thinking that I wasn't good enough. I had so much that i wanted and needed to learn to be better, to be good enough for people to think what I had to say was worth it. 

I needed better photos.

I needed better graphics.

I needed better ideas. 

I needed perfect SEO.

I needed perfect branding.

And I needed to consume every webinar, email series, blog post, and how to guide that I could get my hands on.

But honestly, that just made me feel more and more like I wasn't where I should have been. There are only so many hours in a day. And there is no way for me to be able to spend hours on hours perfecting my site, perfecting the perfect editorial calendar with amazing graphics and photos edited to perfection with copy that doesn't have any mistakes. I don't have hours to curate perfect Instagram photos that will strike a tune with my followers. 

All I can promise you is that I give my best. I won't throw a half cooked post on this blog only to get a blog post out. But I can also say that there will probably be times when I write posts like this one. Without graphics. Without a lesson for you, other than it's ok to not be perfect.

It's ok to step back and realize that your heart is too heavy from the pressures that you have decided to give yourself. No one makes me blog. I do it because I love it, and when I feel pressure and no longer love it, I need to take a break. Plain and simple.

I love designing, but the pressures of self comparison were getting to me. I was staring that the designs of people who have been doing this for years or the people who went to school for this type of thing and was upset that I wasn't up to that par. Of course I wasn't!! I didn't have more than an ounce of the experience of some of these designers. I have a long way to go before I can more than look up to them! I can try to practice the techniques that I see them do to see if I can apply these different skills in my own way and my own designs.

So anyway, if you take anything out of this blog post. I hope that it's that you don't have to be perfect and don't need to learn all the things to keep up with everyone else. You just need to put your best foot forward. Do what you love and do it because you love it!