You and Me & Chasing Little G

Life Lately || 5-4-16

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

Moving is crazy. Moving with a midway stop for a month at your parents house is even crazier! So today is going to just be a little brain dump and I hope you don't mind. But I just don't have a big informational post in me today. Though hopefully some of those will be coming in the next couple of weeks!

Exciting Things 

So we have officially moved out of our apartment in Brookings and are currently living with my parents. We just have a few things left to do before we hand over the keys and start to make our transition to Nebraska!

We also got a new bed. Which after sleeping together on a bed that I have had for around ten years and a full size at that is insanely exciting. We didn't go crazy and get a California King like we have been talking about for months but a modest Queen size upgrade was in order! And we bring that baby home tonight and I can't wait!

Fox is huge! He hit a giant growth spurt and has landed around 30 pounds. At 4 months. So our little guy is growing up a lot bigger than we were hopping! So we had to get him a new crate and since they were having a sale and we don't know how big he is going to get, we bought one of the larger ones so we are now safe up to 90 pounds! I'm sure Simeon, me and Fox could all sleep in that thing at night! It's huge! The transition was pretty easy for him (probably cause he is so tired from chasing my parents dogs around all day!). He also had to get a new collar since his original looked like a piece of string on his neck anymore! Next up is a new bed, but we are waiting until we get into our new apartment first!

Speaking of our new apartment, we finally have one! We are super excited since it will be bigger (2 bedroom, 2 bath) and has a dog run out back! While also being super close to UNL and a giant dog park! We're getting a season pass to the Omaha zoo and I can't wait to see our Nebraska friends on a more regular basis! There is also a Rising Tide group in Omaha that meets once a month, and I can't wait to attend and be inspired by local creatives!

MPD is getting a new makeover. I realized what I had created for myself almost a year ago now really wasn't where I was going anymore. I've grown in my designs and my photography and I wanted my site to reflect all of those changes! And I'm quite excited! I mean, look at this mood board! 

Other exciting business things include me discovering Lightroom presets! OMG They have changed how I edit my photos like crazy! I used to be all over the place with my editing and trying crazy things and thinking they look good, Now i can pull out my favorite preset and have a good place to start and tweak to what I love from there! And these presets keep me from going completely crazy one direction or another. As I said earlier, I'm growing and learning more every single day! 

I also broke open my new A5 Day Designer today!! OMG I can't wait to start taking photos of it in my next styled shoot! Which should be very soon! But I've got it all organized and can't wait to start using it on a regular basis and getting my booty organized! This move is slightly kicking my butt!

Well, this post is long enough so I guess I can just leave it here! :) Oh and of course, a photo of Fox!