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Where are We Going?

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Hi guys! Wow, its been forever! There have been a ton of things happening around here and I'll probably talk about them in a few blog posts so as not to have an insanely long post today.  

But anyway, who really cares about that! 

Today, I'm excited to finally share where Simeon and I will be moving!! It's been really hard to make a decision and to really figure out where we will be happiest and give Simeon the most opportunity to grow and continue his education for the career that he wants. And we had two really fantastic options. We went to visit both places and then sat down to discuss them both multiple times.

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We knew that there was a direction that we originally wanted to go down, and we thought that it was going to get more and more obvious as we went through the process, but we were completely wrong! This whole process has really been a prime example of God knowing what was best for us before we did.

Let me walk you through everything that has happened!

So after all of Simeon's applications were out, his first phone interview was given by University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. I was soooo excited because my first thought was "OMG ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE!" I've never been to the east coast and the thought of adventuring out there to live for five years sounded amazing. And scary. But fun. But really far away. But mostly excitement and wanting to just go there. It's also the state of one of my good blog friends, Samantha from The Life You Love. And it would just be so much fun to actually live near a ton of the bloggers and blogger meet ups that I've been following for years.

Then, we heard back from Simeon's back up school, University of Nebraska - Lincoln. They wanted him to come out right away and hinted that his acceptance letter would be right around the corner if his visit went well. We said sure, why not. It would be fun to take a little weekend trip (even if it was on Valentine's Day) to Nebraska and see what fun we could have. Of course, at this point we were still on a high from the phone interview from UNC and weren't even considering UNL as a real possibility. But it was an excuse to head down to Nebraska, see some friends, and for Simeon to check out another school.

What came after the trip blew me away! Simeon was actually excited about UNL! They had fantastic new labs that were open to all groups, a plethora of opportunities for him, and a bridge program this summer that could take us to Lincoln right away. I was in shock. I hadn't even made plans to adventure Lincoln because I thought we had already decided to go to Chapel Hill. I had literally spent the entire day that Simeon toured campus in a Panera Bread. Like 8 AM to 9 PM.

But then Simeon got his official acceptance to UNC and I thought we were back on track. We jumped at the chance to go out to visit and even extended our stay to explore the area, meet Samantha and her BF, Paul, and maybe even look at some apartments!

Simeon and I were so excited to go! (Though I was also extremely nervous about leaving our pup for the first time!) We jumped on our planes with no incidence, instantly fell in love with an actual Spring and all the trees, and went straight to campus. The first day was fantastic! Simeon liked the grad students. I loved the area. It was all looking good! Until we found out that the professor Simeon wanted to work with (the ONLY professor at UNC that he wanted to work with) currently didn't have any funding and didn't show any interest in working with Simeon. But we continued to look at apartments in the area and push on thinking we were heading to UNC. And then had a horrible trip back. Think 8 hours of waiting for our connecting flight in Chicago bad. It would have been better if the airport had known what was going on cause then I would have asked my stepsisters to come visit us at the airport, but instead they kept telling us that it would just be another 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes, and then a half hour, but then another 15 minutes. And so on and so forth for about 8 hours. Which also got us thinking about how much time we would have to spend at airports in the future if we moved all the way to NC away from family.


All in all, UNL really became the clear choice. Especially after Simeon did some more research on the professors from home (the UNL professor who was already asking him to be in his group has about 7 times more papers published!). So now we are looking for places to call home in Lincoln, Nebraska!! 

Even though it isn't the completely epic adventure that I had originally thought that I wanted, getting to be closer to friends we barely get to see and within driving distance to see family makes it all worth it! We might decide to adventure after he graduates from UNL, but for now, staying closer to home seems like the best answer!!

We're excited to be on this new journey of moving to an actual city (which means I need to figure out how to drive in a city fast!), finding a new home (we are hoping to actually rent a house!! EEKKK!), and finding tons of new places to take Fox for walks and where we can take him shopping with us (cause that's literally my favorite thing ever).