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Fox Bentley: 11 Week Pupdate

The Gilbert ZooSabra GilbertComment

WEIGHT: Between 15 and 20 pounds POUNDS

Our tiny little boy is getting HUGE!! We are for sure finally seeing how giant his paws are which is something that people have been saying about him since he was our teeny tiny little baby, but we never really believed. 


He is getting taller than his older sister Hazel! They were playing last night and while she still has some muscle and weight on Fox, he has for sure surpassed her in the height department.


Playing fetch! And doing his tricks for mom. Sometimes, he will even pay attention enough to do all his tricks by hand demand only. He loves jumping onto the couch which is something he has finally decided to do instead of constantly waiting to get picked up. He still whimpers and asks to be picked up to get onto the chair (but if no one is paying attention to him, he eventually just jumps up by himself).


He hates, hates, hates having to come inside when he would rather be outside. And being ignored is a no go. He will paw at you, nose electronics, and shove himself into your lap until you give him all the attention that he wants and "needs." Oh and getting his nails done and a bath are no goes. He whines and screams and throws a fit and thats before the clipper even gets close to his nails or before he even comes into the bathroom.


He jumps on command now. I think he really likes it. I'm planning on working on getting him to shake or give high fives next. And we had a complete back pedal on potty training. Apparently, the new cool thing is to alert me that he needs to pee and then start peeing within a few seconds directly where he is. May I mention that the way that he tells us that he has to pee is by jumping towards his leash hanging by the door which usually puts his front paws on our glass side table. So he pees while standing up. It's a giant pain in the butt. But we started giving him treats when he actually pees outside again, so we are hoping that this will turn around again quickly.

Mom's Notes:

Update on his blue eyes: His one eye has remained a quarter blue and I really hope that it never changes! I miss his completely blue eyes, but I'm willing to settle. :) Our little boy really is ridiculously spoiled. I was trying to get him running this morning and started just throwing each and every toy of his across the living room. Within seconds, our super clean living room was covered in toys and a giant mess. But we lost or he chewed up most of his bones, so I'll have to go shopping for him again anyway. :)

And now, who can resist cute sleepy puppy faces?