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Organize Your Blog Giveaway, without loosing your mind!

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What? An informational post on Becoming Sabra Gilbert? Bet you haven't seen one of these in FOREVER!! Well, I guess my last one was about a month ago, but was puppy related and we all know how much puppy stuff has been on this blog lately. What can I say, I'm an obsessed blog mom. I'll admit it!!

So anyway, onto blog giveaways! Giveaways can be extremely beneficial for you and your blog readers! They get free stuff and you get your posts and name seen by a few more people! It's a win-win for everyone (well, I guess not the people who didn't win :/). But anyway, as much fun as the end of a giveaway can be, the beginning can be a little scary!

Organize your blog giveaway! || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

Before Your Giveaway Begins

1| Ask Yourself

What kind of readers are you trying to attract?

What prize would attract these readers?

You could very easily throw together a cash or general prize giveaway that would attract a TON of new readers! But would those readers actually stick around? If you take the time to figure out who actually enjoys your blog and pick a prize to attract that specific kind of reader!

Who else shares these readers?

While there are plenty of giveaways that you could do on your own, it can be super fun to bring others in on the fun too! This is a great way to share readers with other bloggers who share the same reader demographic. I would suggest finding these bloggers and specifically asking them to be a part of your giveaway! I also think it is best to keep the number of bloggers decently low. No one wants to spend an entire hour filling out entry forms. So stick it to 4 or 5 other bloggers with a limited number of entries each!

2| Get Organized

Put together a spreadsheet!

Things on this spreadsheet should include names and information for your target bloggers, list of names and information of the bloggers who join you, and a list of the items and prices that you want to include in your your prize package!

Hate having to put spreadsheets together? I've done it for you already! Feel free to customize it (once you save your own version  to your Google Drive!) and use it as many times as you want!

Set a date and time for the giveaway!

I usually find it easiest to set a date, time, and prize BEFORE starting to contact people or getting a ton of people to chime in, this way, you can also gouge exactly how many people you need and what buy in each member would have to contribute for the main prize and if you want to add in extras (like how I usually like to purchase a planner and then collect extra for pens, highlighters, stickers, and such), those can be from the money of extra links and not the main gift! 

Then you can also have a due date to have everyone contribute their links and send in their money to your paypal BEFORE the giveaway! 

Get everyone on the same page.

Ok, so by this point, you will have wanted to invite people and have filled out the spreadsheet on everyone who has joined in! Send out a welcome email to everyone who has decided to participate and restate all the main details! You may also want to say when you will be sending the final giveaway images and rafflecopter codes! Just so they can mark it on their calendar and look out for the email.

3| Three Days Before Your Giveaway

This is when you really want to make sure that everyone has the graphics and codes to put up the giveaway on their own blogs! You can also recommend post ideas that would go with the giveaway! That way, if they are scheduling or even writing the post the day before, everyone can be prepped! 

During Your Giveaway

1| Be available for questions & emergencies

While it might look like giveaways are easy to just drop and walk away from, things can actually get a little crazy after you have the giveaway up! People have random questions about the products you are giving away, the rules, and some link always fails to work the day of for some reason! 

2| Double Check EVERY SINGLE Link!

Seriously. Every single time I have thought that I checked all the links and that they are all fine, it always seems like right then I get an email and one of the links is no longer working for some wonky reason.  So check. Then double check. Then check again when someone complains that it isn't working! 

3| Get packaging ready!

Don't forget to prepare and pack up your giveaway prize! I find that it is less flustering for me to do this during the giveaway so then I can just add the address and go after the giveaway! 

4| Promote like CRAZY on social media!

And don't forget to tag all those girls who have joined you! Get them sharing like crazy too and send out a few email reminders to those who aren't, but remember, this is YOUR giveaway! You are expected to do the majority of the heavy lifting! Just send a friendly reminder out and maybe a graphic for Instagram or Pintrest!

5| Keep your new followers interested.

Don't just post a giveaway and walk away! Put your best foot forward with your new content on your blog, be posting Instagram photos a few times a day, and engage on your social media! If people start seeing your gorgeous face right away, they are more likely to stick around than if you randomly pop into their feed a month later and they no longer remember about the giveaway they entered, and probably didn't win. . .  Awkward! 

After Your Giveaway

1| Email your winner!

Do this RIGHT AWAY! If it was a really good prize, people want to know if they have won it before the giveaway is even over. So get in their inbox and squeal with them! 

2| Write another blog post!

After my winner is confirmed, I like to write a quick blog post announcing the winner. Maybe a photo of me mailing off the prize, just to make it super fun! 

3| Mail off the prize!

4| Send a thank you to everyone who participated!

I hope this helps you have a FANTASTIC giveaway!