You and Me & Chasing Little G

The Weekender Project || 23

Sabra GilbertComment

Why is it the second that you need time to slow down that it seems to speed up more and more and more? One second its March and there is plenty of time to worry about packing the apartment next month. Then it is suddenly the middle of April and there are only 6 tubs pack of mostly blankets and books. And that is it. By the middle of the month when we are moving out the 30th. Oy. 

Obviously,  I need to get in gear this weekend!! Simeon and I both need to fill the boxes that he brought home yesterday before we head back to our hometown to spend some time with our families and try to figure out if Simeon's latest housing idea is actually a possibility.

He wants to look into purchasing a house instead of just renting. Which I agree makes a lot more sense in the long run, but in the short run, I don't even know if we have enough time/money to figure that out right now. But we're gonna talk about it with my parents and learn more about it. Then we are gonna look and see if there are any nice options for houses for us since we won't have the time for a fixer upper that needs lots of TLC (which is most likely what our price range would entail). 

But we will see! This next month and a half holds a lot of craziness!!


This Weekend's Goals

1|| Pack up 8 Boxes

Packing needs to be put into overdrive now! And while we are packing we have to decide what we can last the next month and a half without. Since there will be a month where we can't really get into any of the boxes, we need to make sure that we have what we need during that time. SO wish us luck!

2|| Completely Restructure MPD

With the help of some fellow creatives (Thank You Stephanie!!),  I've decided to go through a restructuring, rebranding, and refocusing time with Midnight Photography & Design. I need to really figure out where I want MPD to go and the original idea that I had for MPD could only ever be supported as a for fun photography and design business, and not go where I want/need it to go at this time which is a full time business that I completely give my full time, effort, and heart to. I think only working on current projects and diving deep into all of this over the weekend and over the next week will really help me to get where I want to be in the long run.

3|| Narrow Down Housing Options

See the whole thing above. Hopefully we can make some calls about apartments to and start seeing and talking about signing leases and getting all of that done.

4|| Groom the Fluffbutt

We are only able to do Fox's nails at my parents house since he starts causing a fuss the second we start holding him. Then he starts screaming the second you touch his paws. We aren't hurting him, I swear. He is just a giant baby! He also horribly hates  baths and we are gonna go through that whining fest as well in a higher edge tub with a spray nozzle which will be fantastic to get through his double coat. Which I'm insanely excited about cause it should make the bath go ten times faster!