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Fox Bentley: 7 Week Pupdate

Sabra GilbertComment

It has been a completely crazy week with this little fur ball. We are for sure past the honeymoon stage of puppy parenthood. But we are also on the up and up of Fox being old enough to really start learning what we expect from him. But I'll share those details below!!


Weight: I'm assuming more than last week. But I forgot to weigh Fox before he fell asleep, and there is no way I'm waking up a nicely sleeping puppy!! He doesn't eat all of his food at every meal, but he has gained a lot of energy and has a rounder tummy than last week! 

Height: Simeon and I disagreed on this last week. he beleives that Fox is actually only 8 inches tall at the shoulders. Once again, I need to get more organized about these little updates and make sure to get these measurements. :)

Likes: Pop bottles. OMG does that little man like pop bottles! He gets them rolling across the floor and chases them down! When Daddy comes home. Playing with his puppy aunts! Being outside in the warm weather. Chasing after Daddy. Training time. oh, and walks!!

Dislikes: His leash when it isn't going the direction he wants it to. The cold & snow. Being told no. Going down the stairs.

New Tricks: Come. Sit. Lay Down. He doesn't do these every single time but he is learning. We are also working on roll over.

Mommy's Notes: Fox is really starting to figure things out here. I love it! He is picking up tricks insanely fast. But we're still working on potty training and kennel training. We're  a little more organized now and starting to really figure Fox out as well. I've been really surprised at how fast he has caught on to his training. He learned "Come" within a few days (though he doesn't listen to it 100% of the time, more like 80%). And he learned sit and lay down within a few training sessions (we try to work with him at least twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each). He isn't to the stage of doing it without treats but he is honestly doing great for only being 7 weeks as of yesterday!

Daddy's Notes: As I said earlier, I need to plan ahead more! I forgot to ask Simeon before he went off to work today. And honestly, today probably wouldn't have been the best day to ask him anyway. We puppy-sat Hazel at Lindy's place last night, and her and Fox together at night were a little more than the both of us could really handle. He may have been extremely cranky this morning after no sleep. 

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