You and Me & Chasing Little G

The Weekender Project || 21

Sabra GilbertComment

Guys, puppy parenthood is not easy. You think it is all cuddles and snuggles, but its not. It's a lot of pee on the floor, yellilng no bites, and middle of the night potty breaks. That crazy little ball of fur gets in between your relationship, comes in front of your work, and walks into the bathroom right behind you.

Don't get me wrong though. I love my little man. And Simeon adores him as well. We're just in that adjusting phase of life. And having a puppy is sooo different from it just being the two of you.

But most of this introduction is just to hopefully explain why I've been so AWOL on the blog. I wish I had been more organized to have some planned out posts before bringing Fox home, but it was quite a surprise to bring him home so early so that didn't happen!  

Hopefully, this weekend I will get back into the real swing of things and finally finish of all the great posts that I've got planned!


2|| Find a forever place for Fox's kennel - It has a nice little home in our living room and it hasn't moved all week. So I call that a forever home. :)

3|| Socialize Fox - He LOOOVVVEEDDD the kids and playing with more dogs! It was adorable to watch a little puppy walk over and cuddle and lick one of the baby's sitting in a bouncer on the floor. He loved the kids!


1|| The laundry - it got done! Which is a win, but its all sitting in the hamper unfolded and laying around the room. Yep.


1|| LAUNDRY - like seriously. I need to get this done!

2|| Clean the Living Room

3|| Take the Pup outside and wear him out!!