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Fox Bentley: 9 Week Pupdate

The Gilbert ZooSabra GilbertComment

So the 8 week Pupdate got skipped. And I even thought about letting his 9 week Pupdate slip too as it has just been a little crazy. But he has gone through a ton of changes since he turned seven weeks, I just couldn't let it completely skip by!

Weight: 13 Pounds

Little man has DOUBLED his weight since he was 6 weeks old! DOUBLED!!!

Height: 11 Inches to the Shoulder


Playing with other dogs! (expect that he won't take no or be submissive to other dogs so that can cause problems) His baby rattle (given as a gag gift when Simeon and I got engaged for our first child. We couldn't resist giving it to Fox when we found it last week and he loves it!!) His bed. And his night time treat (I'll share that more when I right about crate training!!) Going for walks.


Having to go inside when he isn't ready. When he doesn't get attention when he wants it. The cold.

New Tricks:

He can come with about 60% accuracy, mostly because he doesn't like to listen to it if it doesn't benefit him. We are working on that. He can sit, lay down, and roll over two different directions! He also has figured out the stairs!! And alerts us when he has to go potty. Which is fantastic!

Mom's Notes:

Fox is loosing his blue eyes! They are slowly turning brown. A bright brown. But still not blue which makes me super sad. I love his blue eyes! I guess I will just have to cherish the photos of his blue eyes and learn to love his brown eyes.