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The Weekender Project || 22

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

It may be two weeks later, but I actually finished everything on my list! Laundry - Check! Living Room - Check! Take the Puppy on a million walks - Check, Check, a million times check!

So on to this weekend!

1|| Get back into blogging

As you guys have seen, I've been really lacking in the blogging department and honestly, I miss it like crazy! Now that Fox and I are figuring each other out, I'm hoping to jump back into blogging like crazy.

2|| FINALLY, try out my new lighting equipment

I'm not even kidding guys, it hasn't left the box it was delivered in. Ugh. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with it because I don't even think I could return it at this point! And I'm so nervous about pulling it out with a puppy. Fox might find himself in his pen a lot this weekend.

3|| Finish the blog redesign

Again, something that only requires a few finishing touches, but has been put on hold because of the crazy little furball. This weekend, it will get done!!